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  • BHC860n

    Verdigris and Earth Patina Brass Bohemian Chic Graduated Rectangular...

  • BHC859e

    Verdigris And Earth Patina Brass Bohemian Chic Double Trapezoid Earrings

  • BHC859pd

    Verdigris and Earth Patina Brass Bohemian Chic Double Trapezoid Pendant

  • BHC623pd

    Verdigris Patina Brass Bohemian Chic Trapezoid Pendant

  • BHC241e

    Verdigris Patina Brass Bohemian Chic Elongated Trapezoid Earrings

  • BHC2503e

    Verdigris Patina Brass Bohemian Chic Rectangle Earrings


How to get on board with our monthly Facebook promotion and become an Elaine Coyne Galleries’ Valued Retailer

  1. Every month going forward, we will feature 3 items on Facebook at 10% off retail.
  2. Each month features a different group of three items.  The intent is to get the next generation familiar with the Elaine Coyne Galleries’ vast art wear collectible jewelry from patinas to museum concepts.
  3. To become part of the valued retailer program you can sign up for Facebook (Facebook/ElaineCoyneGalleries) and hit the like button.
  4. You have to click off on receiving the featured items for each month that you want to participate either from this page or from our trifolder mailers coming to you every three months or sign up at our booth at wholesale shows. 
  5. Consumers will be sent to the stores listed under “Elaine Coyne Galleries Valued Retailers” on Facebook.
  6. The Valued Retailer Program gives you 10% off of our wholesale prices on promotional items during the run of each monthly program. Example: The “Dragonfly and Turquoise Collection” is the promotion for May 2012.
  7. Shipping of the monthly program will be approximately within 5 business days of the start of each program.
  8. As a participant in the monthly Facebook Program, you agree to sell the items at the promotional price so as to not disappoint the customer.
  9. If the items do not sell during the month of promotion, you are can sell the items at your regular mark up and accept the discounted price as our gift to you for participating in our Valued Retailer program.

Any questions?  Call Elaine at 1-800-741-2523 or email the designer.

Thanks to you for allowing me the fun to come up with these high value promotions. 

Elaine Coyne

This is our May 2012 Facebook Promotion


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