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New products

  • BHC860n

    Verdigris and Earth Patina Brass Bohemian Chic Graduated Rectangular...

  • BHC859e

    Verdigris And Earth Patina Brass Bohemian Chic Double Trapezoid Earrings

  • BHC859pd

    Verdigris and Earth Patina Brass Bohemian Chic Double Trapezoid Pendant

  • BHC623pd

    Verdigris Patina Brass Bohemian Chic Trapezoid Pendant

  • BHC241e

    Verdigris Patina Brass Bohemian Chic Elongated Trapezoid Earrings

  • BHC2503e

    Verdigris Patina Brass Bohemian Chic Rectangle Earrings

Themed Collections

Moderately priced Artwear jewelry by Elaine Coyne.

A very large group of individual collections which is truly

filled with best sellers.

Themed Collections There are 1179 products.


  • Americana

    Americana: a celebration of the freedom and heritage of America,

    reflected in iconic pieces in our one-of-a-kind coloration

    Verdigris Patina Solid Brass and Turquoise.

  • Art Buttons

    Art Buttons - A new concept from Elaine Coyne.  Featuring images from nature

    and sea life as well as original drawings from Elaine's earliest art work when

    she started out in the Seventies.

  • Art Deco

    Art Deco is an art movement from 1910 to 1940's. It was all about

    American ingenuity and inspiration of a new kind of America. Art Deco

    coincides with the start of the Industrial Revolution and depends on

    straight lines and a wink to machinery and all things balanced. It was

    a stunning change from the curved lines and asymmetrical dynamics

    of the Art Nouveau movement, which preceded Art Deco.

  • Art Nouveau

    Art Nouveau is an international style of art, architecture and applied art,

    especially the decorative arts, that was most popular between 1890 and 1910. 

    A reaction to the academic art of the 19th century, it was inspired by natural

    forms and structures, particularly the curved lines of plants and flowers.

    Elaine Coyne takes this concept to her studio and has designed some

    wonderful pieces of Artwear Jewelry.

  • Bohemian Chic

    Our Bohemian Chic jewelry has been among our most popular and possibly

    the price point has something to do with that. Imagine so..great design...great

    prices and great execution always make for a great selling product. That brings

    us to the items not to be missed, especially for our resort customers. This is the

    customer that wants something special but, does not want to spend a fortune for

    family and friends.  We give you a new collection that will stand among our best

    sellers, so a soothsayer told me. The reason...more than just price, more than just

    great design, more than just great execution, "Swirls" has that x factor of a grand

    meaning and story behind its inception.

    Swirls is based upon the curving lines of Art Nouveau with the element of structure

    and the feel of industrialization...bringing "Swirls" into Art Deco sensibility. Why is

    this important? Because it blends two art movements into one: Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

    The merge of these two movements brings sensitivity into full harmony. "Swirls" whispers

    smooth coordinated center. No need to ask me where I get my ideas because, I have no

    idea. It is a magic that happens to a lucky group of artist, I am grateful that I have that gift.

  • Bauhaus

    Elaine Coyne's ode to the Bauhaus movement.

    Bauhaus was a German art school operational from 1919 to 1933 that combined

    crafts and the fine arts, and was famous for the approach to design that

    it publicised and taught. The Bauhaus was founded by Walter Gropius in


  • Beaux Arts

    Beaux Arts are characterized by the use of historic forms, rich

    decorative detail, and a tendency toward the monumental. This

    movement is reflected in the scale and ornate details of our

    Beaux Arts Collection.

  • Egyptian, Byzantine

    Inspired by the treasures of Ancient Egypt in the age of the Pharaohs. One of a kind verdigris patina brass and classic semi-precious stones from the Egyptian era make this collectible art wear truly irresistible.

  • Buffalo Collection

    During a recent trip to Jackson Hole, Elaine enjoyed seeing all these

    elegant creatures from our American past.  This led her to create

    her Buffalo Collection.  It's wonderful.

  • Equestrian

    Equestrian motif jewelry and belts. Click on Subcategories.

  • Hearts

    Exquisite Heart Designs by Elaine Coyne.

    Brass, Copper, Sterling and signature Verdigris and Earth Patina.

  • Holiday

    New Holiday Jewelry from the Elaine Coyne Galleries Studios

  • Interchangeable Pendants

    Interchangeable Pendants with clip-on backings so that custom beads

    and leather necklaces can be ordered.

  • Key Fob Necklaces

    Key Fob Style Necklaces with Leather Cording by Elaine Coyne

  • Miniatures

    In the 16th century soldiers and sailors carried small portraits of their loved ones to

    keep close to their heart and reminders of who they were fighting for. We carry this

    tradition of miniatures as a reminder of who we love, our cat, our horse, nature as

    represented by our sculptural owl or our rememberance of hope with our dragonfly.

  • Moroccan Collection

    Elaine's Moroccan Collection builds on the ornate and hand-crafted

    aspect of their centuries old works of art.

  • Native American

    Native American Series: traditions from our past meets modern American culture

    Most Native American groups had historically preserved their histories by oral traditions

    and artwork. One of the many symbols identified with our Indian heritage is the feather.

    Elaine Coyne Galleries has modernized the feather symbol with our trademark verdigris

    patina on brass with 8mm pacific opal Swarovski crystals and genuine turquoise giving

    new life to an ancient tradition.  For the most modern and elegant of looks we have

    incorporated our gunmetal finishes with black sardonyx 8mm beads. These lovelies

    are available on black rawhide or copper chain 17" .

  • New Romantics

    Based on the Victorian Era, and in two different finishes, we bring you,

    New Romantic Designs by Elaine Coyne

  • Pets

    Jewelry made to show everyone our favorite pets and critters!

  • Pins

    Pins continue to be the perfect gift item for stores in vacation spots.

    Inexpensive and extremely unique!

  • Rings

    New Rings from Elaine Coyne Galleries. Available as Adjustable or in sizes 6 - 9.

    The best selling size has been "Adjustable".

  • Serenity

    Serenity, Asian and Zen influences by Elaine Coyne

  • Shamrocks and Clovers

    A Shamrock is a  young sprig of clover, used as a symbol of Ireland.

    Saint Patrick, Ireland's patron saint, is said to have used it as a metaphor

    for the Christian Holy Trinity.  St. Patricks Day in the US is a day of celebration,

    of Spring, of new beginnings, of life itself.  Elaine Coyne has taken this

    inspiration to her new line of Shamrock and Clover Jewelry.  We hope you will

    find this inspiring as well!

  • Spiritual Collection

    Spiritual Jewelry by Elaine Coyne with an homage to

    our shared universal consciousness.

    On the right, ancient dove on cross interpretation.

  • Swarovski Crystal Cording

    Swarovski Crystal and silk cording concept pieces designed by

    Elaine Coyne in her capacity as an approved member of

    Swarovski Elements.

  • Swirls

    Swirls is based upon the curving lines of Art Nouveau with the

    element of structure and the feel of industrialization... bringing

    "Swirls" into the Art Deco sensibility. Why is this important?

    Because it blends two art movements into one. It makes the

    attention grabbing sense that we really have a harmonious

    feeling when we wear the line "Swirls".

  • Victorian
    Art movement from the 1800s that emphasized filigree and balance of design.
    Creative motifs that have become popular once again with contemporary twist.
    Works excellently with current fashion.
  • Vintage Floral

    Vintage Floral Motifs by Elaine Coyne Galleries

  • World Traveler

    We live in a fast paced world of international travelers. Nearly every one of us have had

    the experience of traveling to new and exotic places and seeing the vibrant differences of

    other cultures, as well as tasting exotic cuisines and culinary treats. What are globes and

    compasses all about; our experiences as international travelers, trekking from town to town

    or taking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. We celebrate our relationship with n

    ature using the mere guidance of a compass and map. Just imagine... too far from the cell

    tower to rely on GPS. You become a city dweller no more; even if it is only for an afternoon.

    Heaven on earth.

  • Wildlife

    Critters from all walks of life:  Horses, Lions, Buffalo, Kitties.......

    This is a fun line in Rockbands, earrings, necklaces and cuffs.

  • Wine Country

    Elaine Coyne has been inspired by wine, vineyards and the wine

    growing industry.

    "My Dad, Albert Coyne's contribution to the wine industry is renowned."

    Elaine Coyne

  • Young Collectors

    A moderately priced new and fun line from the design

    studio of Elaine Coyne

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Showing 1 - 16 of 1179 items
Showing 1 - 16 of 1179 items