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  • NAP4182b

    Verdigris Patina Brass Dragonflies Floral Belt - Chrysocolla

  • EQP282b

    Verdigris Patina Solid Brass Victorian Running Horse Equestrian Buckle

  • ECO2825b

    Olive Patina Solid Brass Victorian Running Fox Buckle

  • VNP5999b

    Verdigris Patina Solid Brass Victorian Floral Buckle - Rainbow Jasper

  • ECP1454b

    Patina Brass Sculptural Art Nouveau Floral Buckle - Aragonite, Chariote,...

  • BEW870n

    White Chocolate Patina Brass Floral Necklace - White Turquoise Rice Beads

Dark Crystals

As if dark was not dark enough, Elaine Coyne reinvited the mysterious

darkness in our Darkest Florals 2017 collection. Flowers in bloom

cannot juxtapose solely with verdigris patina; now they have an

opportunity to do so with romantic darkness in our gunmetal finish

that blends Victorian and dark night elements.

Dark Crystals There are 8 products.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items