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  • NAP884n

    Verdigris Patina Brass 3 Piece Zinnia Necklace - Navy Onyx, Charoite,...

  • NAP949pd

    Verdigris Patina Brass Zinnia Pendant - Navy Onyx, Charoite, Light...

  • NAP848e

    Verdigris Patina Brass Zinnia Earrings - Navy Onyx

  • YCP1203pdCH

    Verdigris Patina Brass Embossed Contemporary Leaf Triangle Pendant

  • FP45pd

    Verdigris Patina Brass Calla Lily Pendant on Rawhide

  • FP45rb-5

    Verdigris Patina Brass Calla Lily Interchangeable Rockband on Antique...

Nature / Crystals

Nature and Crystals by Elaine Coyne.  We do them in all finishes

including antique gold shown here.  All of our crystals are by Swarovski.

We are full Swarovski Elements sponsors.  You will love this collection!

Nature / Crystals There are 50 products.

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Showing 1 - 16 of 50 items
Showing 1 - 16 of 50 items